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A Personal Approach


Dry Needling

We provide research- based Dry Needling as an adjunct treatment for a number of patient diagnoses. The body has a physiological response to this intervention that can effectively assist with pain control, reduce tissue adhesions, and improve neurological response among a number of other benefits. 

Aquatic Therapy

We are excited to offer aquatic therapy with a swim spa style pool. This allows you to perform balance, and strengthening exercises in a body weight reduced position, ultimately allowing you to perform more activity relative to land based mobility. Our pool also has an optional current that can add additional therapeutic benefit.

Manual Techniques

There are a number of "hands on" treatments that Physical Therapists can use with or without tools to assist with the healing process and normalize your body's natural movement. This includes soft tissue mobilization, joint mobilization, and neuromuscular facilitation among many others.

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Pain Control

Pain affects the majority of Americans at some point in their lives. A number of variables affect how a person experiences pain.  Physical therapy can assist with pain control, through improving movement patterns, assuring balanced muscle function, and modality usage. Research backs early access to physical therapy in pain management, which can ultimately led to less reliance on prescription medication for pain control.

Surgical Rehabilitation

Physical therapy is an integral part of the healing process after surgeries are performed. Many surgeries have specific precautions and protocols that must be followed to allow maximum function once healed. We will allow you to maximize the speed of your recovery while assuring safety to the surgical site. This will let you get back to your life as quickly as possible.

Sports Rehabilitation

We know you want to get back into the game. Let us assist with your return to sport journey. We will treat your injury, as well as, assure that the other body systems required for sport participation will be prepared for in game action. With customized assessments and a number of rehabilitation techniques, including Blood Flow Restriction, you will be ready to get back out there as soon as possible.

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Functional Exercise

Functional movements are motions that directly pertain to daily activities. Usually, these include a number of body systems working together in order to achieve a specific task. As an example, if we need to get better at lifting an object from the floor, we need to be able to combine muscle strength, balance, posture, and range of motion to perform this safely and efficiently.  This is too important not to include with your care.

Patient Engagement

We strive to make sure you completely understand all the aspects of your treatment plan.  This starts with giving you knowledge about your diagnosis, and how we can help you reach your goals.  We will also take the time to create home exercise prescriptions that you understand and are comfortable performing.

Balance/Vestibular Rehabilitation

Balance deficits and vertigo can be extremely debilitating to your daily life. There are a number of systems that work together in order to maintain balance. Physical therapy can maximize how these systems interact together and help you stay safe and comfortable during the movement required for everyday life.

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